About Jenesys 2.0 Program…

This is actually what I wrote on the Jenesys 2.0 online questionnaire after 2 months visitation.
I wrote in English because the questionnaire told us to write in English :p
Sorry for bad grammar, fellas.

In my opinion, the most unforgettable moment when In Japan is the homestay experience. Why? Because it really taught and forces us about how to communicate with the native speakers, how the Japanese culture is (making origami, wearing kimono, eating local cuisines) and so on. Next, is the observation of sophisticated technology. Japan has known as the leader of technology in this world. It was such a great opportunity for me to see directly the awesome technology such as: Tokyo Skytree, earthquake resistant buildings in Tohoku Technological Institute, using Shinkansen express train, and many more. Actually I want to experience more than those mentioned, but unfortunately the time was very limited, just for 9 days.
Workshop for preparing program presentation was held successfully. All the participants in each group had given their own opinion and aspiration for action plan. The action plan of my group is divided into two: the long-term and short-term. The short-term is to socialize the experience in Japan through social media related to our disciplines. We have created Instagram and blog account. We also have published our activities in Japan through our own social media account. My friends and I also held a presentation of Jenesys 2.0 Batch 8 program in our campus. The response of people was good. They have a great curiosity about Japan and they said that they really want to come to Japan.
Overall, Japan International Cooperation Center (JICE) had held such a great program with good effort and service. Salute to the punctuality of the program schedule. The handbook that JICE give to the participants before the departure is really useful for the preparation. The coordinators were friendly and smart. The whole program was really good and had made the participant wants to experience more than that. But there are three things I would say in order to improve the quality of the next program. The first is the presenters of some program could not speak English. In my opinion, to make the program time more effectively, JICE should provide presenters who can speak English, so it did not need any translators. The second is about there was no cultural performance at the end of the program. Actually we would like to show how Indonesian culture to the Japanese government and the program coordinators is. Unfortunately, JICE did not provide time for it. The last, I think JICE should consider about time for the destinations. Actually I felt really tired to move from one destination to the other destination. Every day, we should pack our bags and move to another place, even another city. So, for the other next Jenesys program, I think JICE should arrange the schedule more effectively.

Know further about Jenesys 2.0 here >> http://sv2.jice.org/jenesys2kakehashi/e/

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