Being a Student and Mom: Why Not?

El Gouna, November 8th, 2015

Let’s start this very first post with a simple Hello. Hello! My name is Adiar Ersti Mardisiwi. Just call me Ersti or Ecci.

I am currently a master student in TU Berlin campus El Gouna, Egypt. Two months ago, my husband and I flew here by EgyptAir from Indonesia.

Luckily, after our 4 months of marriage, God give us a great chance, being a suddenly: Mommy and Daddy! I am currently on my 8 weeks of pregnancy today. Thanks God. Alhamdulillah.

A little foetus in my stomach now eat and drink the same as I do. When I feel sad, he/she will also sad. and vice versa. So I am trying to be a happy mommy. One of the way that I can do is making regular post about this situation. So you can also learn from my experience. What to do and what happen while studying abroad and also be a sudden mommy. Hehehe.

We often underestimate our power as a woman. We are one of the human type that is given such a superpower by God. So, be strong all student-moms all over the world! Let’s share our experience and feelings. Because we know that we are not walking alone in this world.

So, let me ask. Being a student and mom: why not?

its not easy but worth


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