Dear… [2]

Surprised! Now you are already a foetus, not an embryo anymore, Dear. We have to celebrate it! *by prayers, of course*. Bismillah, welcome to the new stage of your life, Dear.

There are Some Changes in My Life, Dear

You successfully make my life recently full of tears *happy and sad* and also make my day so tiring. But I am happy to have you here. I also found some changes in my body. And of course, changes in my emotion. I often feel difficult to sleep at night. I am also become easily to cry and be more sensitive. The sensitiveness will go stronger when I hear my parents’ voice or see photos of my parents… *I really miss your grandmother and grandfather, Dear*. I also become easily tired when sightseeing in the city or walking too much. Hehehe.

So, the solution are: Fixing my mixed feelings by reading pregnancy articles, making a checklist for your birth preparation, and also searching for good and healthy recipes to cook. This week I also did some little exercises (I did it while looking at the pictures on the internet) because I sleep so much and less doing movement. The best tips (from my mother) is: talk to God and read Qur’an.

And last change but not least, Dear… you also successfully make your daddy did great jobs in cooking, doing chores, etc. *because your mom become weaker now*.

About Your Birth Plan

Actually, we plan to give birth in Indonesia. I will take a holiday semester or semester break, fly away from Egypt to my hometown, and prepare everything there until the due date comes 🙂 Until the official date of our meet up, Dear. I do not know where will we live, Dear. Maybe in Surabaya, Jogjakarta, or Banyumas. But we promise to search for a good place for you 🙂

Now you are 10 weeks 5 days-old. Woohoo. I also can feel your fast heartbeat. Alhamdulillah. So, let’s see how you look like on my womb this week 🙂 The website said that your size is just like a kumquat, Dear! What a rapid growth!

Details of Your Growth ^_^

Brain: Your baby’s forehead bulges with her developing brain and sits high on her head.

Fingers: Your baby’s fingers are now completely separated and tiny fingernails are starting to grow in.

Uterus: Your uterus has doubled by now, from the size of a pear before you got pregnant to the size of a grapefruit.

Yolk sac: Your baby’s liver is now making blood cells; the yolk sac is no longer needed and begins to disappear.

Last but Not Least…

See you on the 3rd pregnancy control, Dear. I plan to do a control *to know your condition* and UltraSound *to see your face and body* every month in this first trimester, Dear.

So, keep healthy, Dear. I will try hard to change my bad habit, this bothering sad-feelings, etc. Please support mommy, Dear…

See you!

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