Hello, Dear. Let me introduce myself–and himself–through this short letter.

It was 6 days since your existence in my womb is detected by us–your official parents. We cried like a child when seeing the device shown two parallel red lines.

Hello, Dear. I am your mother, who are longing for you since a long time, since I have not married yet. And he is your father, a great man who loves your God, your prophet Muhammad SAW, your grandmas-grandpas, and me. And I guarantee 100% he will also loves you 🙂

Hey, I am your mother. I am trying to enjoy this process and currently waiting for our first meet-up in this world.

Please wait patiently till the day comes, Dear. We will try to be happy mother and father. And when the day comes, we will make you proud of having us as parents 🙂 InshaAllah.

We still do not know what will happen tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the next days. What we already know is we always have to pray for everything, for you, for the good condition.

Whatever your gender in the future does not matter. We will love you forever.

Good night and sleep tight, Dear. See you soon :”)


With love, your official parents.

Egypt, October 28th, 2015.



We finally found another life in this body. We also can hear your fast heartbeat through a device. Please stay strong, dear. We do not know what will happen the next days but we the only thing that we know: prayers are the best thing for people separated by distance. We are waiting for our first meet up in this world, baby. Sleep tight and see you.

(at El Gouna, Red Sea)

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