House of Sampoerna


              Surabaya – What do people usually remember about Surabaya’s travel destinations? Tugu Pahlawan? Surabaya Zoo? or maybe Tunjungan Plaza? House of Sampoerna (HoS) is now can be added to local and foreign tourist travel destination list of Surabaya. HoS is a wide building complex located in the ‘Old’ Surabaya, Northern part of Surabaya. Its specific location is at Jalan Taman Sampoerna 6th. This luxurious Dutch-colonial architecture was firstly used as boys’ orphanage managed by Dutch government in 1862. Then, 70 years later, it was purchased by the founder of Sampoerna, Liem Seeng Tee. Sampoerna is one of the oldest and fastest-growing tobacco and cloves manufacturer in Indonesia.

                HoS has become a preserved historical site. It offers us unique experiences. Visitors can enjoy read the story of Liem family, see the replica of Liem’s old stall, antique bikes, unique motorbike, Sampoerna marching band instruments, stunning paintings and photographs, and also cigarette-making equipments. Going up to the 2nd floor, visitors can see Dji Sam Soe tobaccos being produced by 3500 women on a large auditorium. It is free to watch them closely while they are hand-rolling 325 sticks per hour. Unfortunately, visitors are prohibited to take picture of it.
                HoS also provides other unique spots and programs. Surabaya Heritage Track (SHT), the well-known program, offers Old Surabaya city sightseeing tour by a red tram-like bus. So-called Trackers can enjoy the buildings, cultures, and history of Surabaya. The Museum Shop sells gifts and souvenirs such as batik, postcards, handcrafts, books‚ shirts, etc. The Art Gallery exhibits the finest Indonesian artists’ works. The last spot is Art-Deco style Café which offers Western and Asian delicious cuisines added with live music performance on selected evenings. Sometimes a couple does pre-wedding photography session on the first floor. Entering the museum and joining SHT program is free and open daily to public at 9 am-10 pm. HoS is a real stunning tobacco experience in Surabaya for local and foreign tourists. “It is so classic, especially at night. The most interesting part is seeing the skillfully women making cigarettes and watching videos of cigarette making,” said Priyantini Kurniawati, one of visitor on 05/19. (ers) 

Exterior: Four cigarette-like pillars on the entrance side of HoS 01/20/2011. 
© Adiar Ersti Mardisiwi

Interior: Some photographs, paintings, and replicas inside HoS 01/20/2011. 
© Adiar Ersti Mardisiwi

by: Adiar Ersti Mardisiwi

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