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Hey, my heart beats so fast! I have sent CV, Portfolio and cover letter to Imelda Akmal Architecture Writer Studio at Rempoa, South Jakarta. And now I still can not believe that I will do internship for 3 months there, start from June 24th, 2013 till drop. Hehe. Mrs. Imelda replied my application. It means, one of my dream will be come true as soon as possible. Happy? Of course. I am also sad in the same time. I never live separated with my family for more than 2 months. And now, I should face 3 months without them. But maybe I will ask for some holidays to visit my family. Ooooh, maybe I talk too much about this plan. But, one word I should repeat everyday is: Alhamdulillah. And I will tell you soon about the next plan! Move to Jekardaaaah~ FYI, tomorrow I’ll go to Bandung to attend my friends’ wedding party. When is my turn? Hahahahahahaha 😀 Bye!

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