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Hey all my blog’s readers (if any :p)! It’s been a long time for me not producing a high-quality writing *sigh*. Now I am on the fifth semester in Architecture Department and….. guess what I’ve recently been busy doing for? Finishing the first assignment of Architectural Design Studio (Studio Perancangan Arsitektur)! We have to make an education building called SURABAYA DESIGN ACADEMY. It will be located in East Surabaya. But, before we design the building form and what will be inside, we must do some precedence study or case study. We have to know how much the area of required rooms, after that we must search deeply for the theme. The given theme is ‘SPACING’. Wow, quiet hard, right? But I’m sure I can finish this task, insyaAllah. 

So, let’s take a look to my case study building:


Building harmonizing with its landscape
The verdant turfed roofs appear as natural extensions of the ground. The glass façade reflects the surrounds and the environment, making the building part of the landscape on which it sits.

Main Entrance
The entrance into the school is located off a landscaped drop-off which is created by the unfolding arms of two intertwining blocks. The double volume covered entry opens into voluminous lobby space that overlooks into the sunken plaza the landscape beyond.

Roofs rising from ground
The turfed roofscape is easily accessible via sidesteps along the roof edge, thereby allowing the rooftop to be a scenic outdoor communal space. It provides students with an interesting venue for work, play, interaction and creative thinking or simply a place to watch the surrounding landscape and enjoy the sunset.

Sunken Plaza
The façade design is a sleek glass curtain wall in neutral grey colour. The remaining parts of the buildings comprised off-form concrete walls to maintain its design integrity and naturalness. The intertwining wings of the building enclose a picturesque sunken plaza which is engulfed by a cascading pool and trees. 

Learning spaces
Corridors and cosy corners double up as informal exhibition areas for the display of students’ artworks, sculptures and creative works. The design concept strives to provide a conducive environment for learning, research, information exchange and networking. The interiors create an informal, friendly and pleasing ambience, befitting a communal facility.

Night scenes
When night beckons, the building lights up like a glowing lantern and become a shining beacon which announces its presence in the neighbourhood. The interior lighting streams through the glass curtain walls to render the building a dynamic stage set against the backdrop of the external lush landscape. 
Site Plan

The unfolding arms of two blocks create an inviting entry court for the school. The double volume entrance leads into a large lobby with circulation elements, namely the elevators, open staircases and a link bridge. From this lobby space, students can quickly access to other parts of the building. 


Major spaces such as the Auditorium, Media Studios, a Library and art galleries surround this outdoor activity node.




Figurative Painting Studio

Product Design Lab.

Tutorial and Crit Room

Lecture Room

Locker Room

This building become one of the most amazing green roofs in the world. From a distance, you can barely even tell that the 5-story structure is a building, it blends in so well with its environment. A plethora of glass walls allow plenty of natural light to illuminate the interior, and the grassy roof is used as a meeting space for students. The green roof also insulates the building, cools the surrounding air and harvests rainwater for landscape irrigation. 

After finishing these steps, there will be site analysis step. We will do survey to the site selected and make a note about the environment condition and blah blah blah, I will not tell you here because I know it will make you feel bored.

Soooo, I’ll tell you my SURABAYA DESIGN ACADEMY in January 2013, maybe 🙂

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