Taiwan on August: Such a Dream

Do you still remember about my recent post titled “One Word: Alhamdulillah“?
If yes, thanks. If no, it doesn’t matter. 🙂
I think I was the only one who failed to chase my dream.
I have tried so many times, and still didn’t get an answer from God.

But, in the afternoon, July 5th 2012, Mbak Nurul, International Office of ITS’ officer, phoned me and asked, “Can you participate the NCHU summer program?”
I directly said, “Yes, of course!”
And then I asked why I am chosen as the participant, because you all know on my recent post, I said that the selected candidate, I called him ‘mas presBEM’, selected to join this program.
I slapped my face and then do Ashr Prayer, prostrated to God. I still can not believe it!

One month ago, I stated as the only one participant who have taken interview test that can not join that program.
The first candidate, YP, is from Marine Engineering, and the second, IG (mas presBEM), and the third was a substitute. Only me who was not selected. Poor me, that time.

Now, me and YP will join 2012 Engineering, Chinese Language and Culture in Taiwan: A Summer Program for International Studentsin National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) 国立中兴大学 , Taichung, August 6-19, 2012. 

What will the participants do there?
Learn the Chinese Language, art of Chinese Knotting, Chinese Calligraphy, Martial Art, and Chinese Cuisine, field trips to awesome places in Taichung City.

Taiwan is not far from Hong Kong.

I will select a half-day transit in Singapore on August 5th. 
I think, God answer my dream, I will be in 2 different countries in this year.

Do you know that it means I will do fasting, sahur, and tarawih there?
It will make an unforgettable experience!

I hope I will meet new friends from many countries, introduce Indonesian culture, and can get lots of experience there. Aamiin.

Do you want me to meet Vic Zhou or Vanness Wu?

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