Welcome, Second Trimester!

Welcome to the second trimester, Dear. Today is the beginning of #14weeks. Still 3 weeks (to Day 120) remaining until you are alive in my stomach 🙂 Can’t wait to feel your movement!

These mobile applications said that:

– This trimester will be easier than the first. Hopefully the nausea, vomiting, headache, hard to sleep feeling at night, etc. will go away :”D

– Baby’s hair starts to grow

– Baby’s size is like a lemon or kiwi now

– Start to buy maternity clothes

– Baby’s showing some facial gestures, even sucking her/his thumb

– Bump in my stomach starts to appear

– The risk of miscarriage decreases


Recommended mobile application for pregnant mom

1: What to Expect

2 & 5: My Pregnancy

3: Pregnancy+

4: Sprout


Can’t wait to see your real picture at New Year, Dear. Bismillaah.

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